Residential Complex Mould


This 119 unit condo required 40 people and 2 months to remediate. Although the entire building needed to be cleaned to eliminate the mould, we were able to contain the spread and control the air flow to prevent spores from entering unaffected areas.

  • We wire brushed and sanded all affected surfaces
  • A HEPA Vac was used as well as wet anti-microbial solutions
  • While doing the work we ran air scrubbers to ensure worker safety as well as to minimize the spread of the mould
  • After cleaning each section we would glue out the area with our anti-microbial sealing agent and let the air scrubber run for 48 hours
  • A third-party hygienist came in to sample the air for our clearance

Once the area was cleared we would move to a new location and start all over again. After we cleared a floor we would tear down all the containment on that level. We worked our way from the top down to the bottom in each wing of the condo.