Asbestos & Mould


Asbestos and mould are dangerous and require a qualified team to ensure safe removal. Our remediation experience in this area is extensive and our teams have serviced properties from single dwellings to multimillion dollar complexes. We are properly insured with an Environmental Package for Contractors to remediate asbestos and mould.



Before 1990, asbestos was commonly used in building as an effective barrier against cold weather, noise and fire.  It was eventually confirmed that asbestos is dangerous and exposure to asbestos can cause:

  • Asbestosis: scarring of the lungs
  • Mesothelioma: cancer in the chest lining or abdominal cavity
  • Lung cancer

Asbestos that remains tightly bound in other products (e.g. cement), remains sealed behinds walls and left undisturbed does not pose a significant health risk. However, fire, renovations and vandalism can disturb asbestos.

The discovery of asbestos in your home or building requires prompt, expert remediation. We have the equipment to keep everyone on site safe while we remove and properly dispose of this building material. We follow up asbestos removal with air quality testing.


Mould only needs two things to thrive: somewhere damp and a building material it can live on. You may not know you have a problem until the mould releases spores. These small spores are inhaled and can cause significant damage to your health.

We know where mould likes to hide and also understand that an improper cleanup from a flood or sewer backup can cause a huge mould problem later on. In addition to safely remediating mould in ways that keep our staff and everyone on the project site safe and protected, our emergency service procedures are designed to prevent mould from taking hold.

We remediate mould to IICRC standards and are certified by this organization.