About Lydale

We are different

At Lydale, we manage disasters and emergency situations in the most professional and timely manner possible which is why insurance professionals, home owners, commercial business owners and property managers have relied on us since 1978.

This is what makes us different

Open and honest communication. Full-disclosure billing. A 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee. We put you, your property and our professional integrity at the top of our priority list. Profit comes somewhere near the bottom because, if we do the other things right, we know our business will thrive – and it has.

We communicate clearly across all teams;

  • Property owners
  • Tenants
  • Insurance companies
  • Our restoration staff
  • Our management team
  • Our subcontractors

We ensure everyone remains focused, efficient and informed as the project moves forward.

“We are so appreciative and impressed by the services provided by Lydale. I would happily recommend them to any school division dealing with a disaster.”
Pat Donegan, Director of Education, Humboldt Rural School Division

Our full-disclosure billing means no secrets and no surprises. Our goal is to get things back to normal for you as quickly as possible. Sometimes this means it’s not possible to do a full and detailed estimate before rebuilding begins. For these situations, you can enjoy our “time-and-materials” arrangement. This billing process makes it easy for everyone to see exactly what has gone into each project. With our experience, we can accurately estimate the time and cost of materials and can show you our employee time summaries and copies of our supplier’s invoices, if required.

Guaranteed satisfaction means any issue with our workmanship or products will be corrected. Period. We are not satisfied until you are.

Wherever possible, we use the most eco-friendly practices and products to ensure environmental sustainability.