commercial building mould


This is a prime example of how mould can quickly spread in a commercial building. A leak from the exterior trapped water under the wallpaper and went undetected for months. By the time the issue was noticed, a wall, chair rail and wainscoting had to be removed.

We set up containment, remediated the building to make it safe and free of mould spores, and then rebuilt the wall.

residential complex mould

Residential Complex Mould

This 119 unit condo required 40 people and 2 months to remediate. Although the entire building needed to be cleaned to eliminate the mould, we were able to contain the spread and control the air flow to prevent spores from entering unaffected areas.

  • We wire brushed and sanded all affected surfaces
  • A HEPA Vac was used as well as wet anti-microbial solutions
  • While doing the work we ran air scrubbers to ensure worker safety as well as to minimize the spread of the mould
  • After cleaning each section we would glue out the area with our anti-microbial sealing agent and let the air scrubber run for 48 hours
  • A third-party hygienist came in to sample the air for our clearance

Once the area was cleared we would move to a new location and start all over again. After we cleared a floor we would tear down all the containment on that level. We worked our way from the top down to the bottom in each wing of the condo.

garage fire restoration

Garage Fire

A fire in the winter caused the total loss of this attached garage and substantial smoke and water damage to the interior of the house. We built a temporary demising wall to retain the proper heating level inside the home for the duration of the project. The homeowners returned to a beautiful rebuild and completely reconstructed garage.

"I commend your crew…for the thorough work they did cleaning up the smoke damage to my home. They are wonderful people… whose accommodating attitude allowed me to stay in my home." – Howard E., Maidstone
condo fire destruction


An improperly disposed cigarette caused extreme damage to 107 units. The fire also revealed mould that had to be abated from all affected units.

We were responsible for:

  • Supplying and installing a perimeter security fence
  • Demolishing the 107 units: remove drywall, insulation, gypcrete, cabinets, doors, trims, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, appliances and contents
  • Removing approximately 14,000 sq. ft. of damaged roof trusses
  • Supplying temporary power generators and temporary power panels for all four floors
  • Supplying and installing new trusses and framing
  • Supplying and installing new windows to the upper 16 units
  • Supplying and installing new shingles to approximately 16,500 sq. ft. of roof
  • Supplying and installing new soffit/fascia/siding to the upper 16 units
  • Re-energising power to the building

In a unique process regarding the demolition of the suites, we used multiple telescopic forklifts with garbage buckets attached to access the upper level and expedite the demo process for the insurance companies. This saved about three weeks of time and labour costs as opposed to doing this the traditional way of hauling the garbage down by bags or using garbage chutes.

"Thank you to all the staff who made the reconstruction of our home the most pleasant experience, even under the circumstances." – Terry and Linda B., Edmonton
condo fire with asbestos

Condo Fire: Asbestos Revealed

This project demonstrates how asbestos is often discovered and disturbed. A fire in one unit of this 1970’s complex spread quickly. By the time it was contained, 12 units were severely damaged. Since asbestos was present, the area needed to be contained for remediation.

This project involved:

  • Demolition and containment
  • Supply and install  of a perimeter security fence
  • Supply of a security company on site during the asbestos abatement phase
  • Supply and install  of a structure to completely enclose the areas where asbestos was being removed
  • Rebuilding of all 12 fire-damaged units
  • New subfloor, walls, trusses, shingles, windows, doors, stucco, siding to four upper units, and a new subfloor for five lower units
  • A total interior rebuild of all 12 units that involved insulation, drywall, paint, cabinets, doors/trims, appliances, electrical, and mechanical
  • New sidewalks and landscaping
house fire restoration

House Fire

Sometimes the source of a fire is the last thing you’d expect. In this case, an exterior front light sparked a fire that resulted in substantial exterior and interior damage to this beautiful 1910 home. The stunning Edwardian gable style house dated back to the early 1900’s and is part of Century Homes. It needed to be restored, but we also needed to bring it up to current building code standards.

  • Demolition of damaged areas and re-framing to code
  • Fully rebuilt the upper deck with proper slope and installed a waterproof membrane to code
  • Rebuilt the railing system on both upper and lower deck
  • Replaced all fascia and soffit in affected areas with upgraded material and tongue and groove soffit with custom crown mouldings
  • Upgraded to wooden sash multi-pane storm windows
  • Added narrow clapboard siding that matched the existing siding
  • Rebuilt cedar tongue and groove ceiling

All of the crown mouldings, door frames, window frames, railings and other building details were custom milled on site, bringing this fire-ravaged home back to its former glory.

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