Condo Fire: Asbestos Revealed


About the Project

This project demonstrates how asbestos is often discovered and disturbed. A fire in one unit of this 1970’s complex spread quickly. By the time it was contained, 12 units were severely damaged. Since asbestos was present, the area needed to be contained for remediation.

This project involved:

  • Demolition and containment
  • Supply and install  of a perimeter security fence
  • Supply of a security company on site during the asbestos abatement phase
  • Supply and install  of a structure to completely enclose the areas where asbestos was being removed
  • Rebuilding of all 12 fire-damaged units
  • New subfloor, walls, trusses, shingles, windows, doors, stucco, siding to four upper units, and a new subfloor for five lower units
  • A total interior rebuild of all 12 units that involved insulation, drywall, paint, cabinets, doors/trims, appliances, electrical, and mechanical
  • New sidewalks and landscaping

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